When others want to be like you

One of greatest achievement of life is when others also want to become like you and they feel that you are living a wonderful life. Very less numbers of people actually succeed in it because it is too hard to become a perfect person in life. Overall life is very challenging and it surprises us at every point. In such situation, it becomes a great task to live an ideal life.

Mostly, it happens with a surprise when we start seeing beauty of life present around us. We can easily see beauty of life and every thing around us by slightly changing our point of view towards them. When we free ourselves from burdens of ego and negative emotions then we slowly start reaching a point where not only we realize tremendous happiness but others also see this change in us.

We are not required to attract people or ask anybody to follow us. People will come and follow us if they find us interesting. Trueness of life is present in its present state and we can find great happiness in present state only. By running around things, we just waste many beautiful moments of present. By freeing ourselves of worries and tensions of life, we can break a cage of miseries. Such happy and free people are appreciated by all and everyone wants to follow them.
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