I should control my life

One of major reason of frustrations among millions of people is that they do not have control over their lives. Means they can’t do independently what they want to do or experience. Human life start with many restrictions put by parents, society, culture, nation, religion etc.

Thus because of such restriction on various dimensions of life, a common person finds it hard to live a life as he wants. When someone tries to break these restrictions and live his life as per his free will then he faces hard rejections by people concerned.

Every Human being is a social animal and it is hard for it to live alone or take actions which are disapproved by society. Due to such concerns, many people live a restricted life where they do not have full control over their lives. In this pleasing attitude towards concerns of others, people sometimes miss their true potential or identity which leads to frustrations in them.

When we have control over our life then we can live it on our own terms which can give fulfillment and happiness to us. For true happiness in life; we all should control our lives and free ourselves to experience true potential of life.
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