A Victory for Anna Hazare and Common People

Today, many common people of India are feeling very jubilant because Government has agreed to demands made by Anna Hazare through his struggle and hunger strike. Government of India realized that situation can go out of their control if it does not agree to demands made by Anna Hazare. In just four days, Anna Hazare struggle got nation wide acceptance with common people shouting Dilli Chalo slogans for supporting Anna Hazare.

On twitter.com alone, more than 4 crore tweets were made related to Anna Hazare and his cause. Social networking websites like facebook got flooded with people’s comments and suggestions from all age groups. Indian youth took very firm stand on this whole matter and they came forward in big numbers to take participation in this struggle. Already burdened by wide spread corruption in system, Indian common people gave big response to Anna Hazare’s initiative.

Indian common people were looking for a strong and honest leader to guide them against corruption. Today, Anna Hazare has emerged as strong and powerful leader to represent billions of common Indians who are in no mood to tolerate increasing corruption in every part of life. It is also strong message for Indian governments that they should work well and remain away from corruption. Success of this struggle has made Jan Lokpal bill a reality which will have power to punish wrong and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Overall, it is great victory for Anna Hazare and common Indians which will give direction to future struggles in India.
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