Power of 3G

Last year, we saw the launch of third generation GSM mobile network in India which allows high speed data transfer with the help of 3G network. Today, 3G is available in most parts of India and in few months, we can expect 3G in every part of India. Multiple private players have launched their 3G services in India and large numbers of 2G mobile users are migrating to 3G network.

Thanks to number portability, people can easily retain their old number while migrating to any 3G network. The main advantages of 3G network are good voice quality, video calls, high speed internet, fast access to mobile application/software like maps, games etc. India has a big population of young and educated people who always look for new and fast products; therefore, 3G has already become hit among these people.

Ten years back, mobile telephony revolutionized Indian communication and now, it is time for much faster and live calling for Indians. Due to competition and growth in this segment already prices of 3G services and 3G enabled mobile handsets have started decreasing. We can easily find 3G enabled affordable handsets in market and join any of several 3G networks.

Though, it may take few more years for 3G to become a pan India success because there are still some parts of India where mobile telephony has just entered. In many parts of world 4G has become a reality and some countries are even planning to role out 5G; however, still I am happy that 3G has become big reality in India and it is going to be very helpful for billions of Indians.
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