How to Write in Hindi Online (Facebook/Orkut)?

Hindi is national language of India and it is very popular across India. Today, internet has become big reality and we all are using computer daily. Earlier versions of computers were only designed to support English and some computing languages. However, thanks to innovation in technology, present generation of computers, software and websites support all world languages like Hindi. We can easily write and share our thoughts online in Hindi. There are many good options available in front of us to write in Hindi online and on our computer. Present versions of Window support all major languages of India; sometimes, people may be required to download language fonts of particular language. For making it easy for people to write in Hindi, I am sharing few options below to write in Hindi.


- It is great tool available from Google to write in all major languages of India. It is very simple to use Google Transliteration and anyone with small knowledge can write well in Hindi. To write in Hindi follow these steps.

i)                    First visit page
ii)                  Go to page and read instructions to Write in Hindi.
iii)                To write in Hindi first type in English for example Arvind and press space. Arvind will become अरविन्द automatically.

When you will type Mera Naam Arvind hai then It will got converted to मेरा नाम अरविन्द है
iv)               Do Practice.

2) Download Toolbar to access Hindi Keypad and write in Hindi.
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