Alternative to Cigarette smoking

Last year, I discovered in new innovative product for all cigarette smokers which reduce side effects of regular cigarette smoking like smoke, ash; however, provide same enjoyment of cigarette smoking. This solution is available in front of us in the form of ecigarettes. An ecigarette is ideal for people who do not like smokes coming out of regular cigarette, but they want the full authentic experience of cigarette smoking. Ecigarette works with the help of a battery and it release regular puffs of nicotine without any smoke, ash or dust as created by regular cigarettes. These green cigarettes do not create any problem for non smoker as no smoke or ash is produced in using ecigarettes. Ecigarette is good alternative for leaving regular cigarettes and going green. These cigarettes have much lesser side effects as compared to regular cigarettes and they do not cause any side effect to surrounding.
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