Who will win India Vs Pakistan CWC 2011 Semi Final Match?

At present, cricket fans of both India and Pakistan are wondering that who will win second semifinal match of cricket world cup between India and Pakistan. Both teams are strong teams of cricket world cup and they are hot favorites for winning this world cup; however, on 30th March world cup journey of one of team will end. India and Pakistan matches always attract attention of cricket fans because of great excitement present in cricket fans to watch these matches.

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This time India vs Pakistan cricket match has become very big event because both teams are facing each other in semi final of cricket world. Cricket fans of both countries want that their team should win India vs Pakistan match and finally bring cricket world cup home by winning final match. If we go by cricket world cup previous records then Indian cricket team has good edge over Pakistan cricket team because it has not lost any match in cricket world cup against Pakistan.

Second, present main strength of Pakistan cricket team is its spin bowling attack which may not work against India, as Indian players can play spin attack much better than other teams. Third, Indian cricket team will get advantage of playing at home ground. Fourth, Indian cricket team has good record of winning from last two years as compared to Pakistan. However, Pakistan cricket team has shown exceptionally well performance in cricket world cup matches so far plus they have won both matches against India played at Mohali.

After considering all these facts, I can say that India has good chances of winning this semi final match while Pakistan team is also capable of surprises. So far, we can wait till 30th March to get real result of this match.
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