Opinion poll Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011

Southern State of Tamil Nadu is going for poll on 13th April and results of this election will be declared on 13th May, 2011. Meanwhile many opinion polls by many news papers and independent members are available in front of us. Most of these opinion polls are pointing towards same results that AIADMK alliance will get victory in coming assembly election. I also collected data of around 50000 online votes and out of which 33500 voted in favor of AIADMK alliance.

If I add all this data then results come in this way that AIADMK alliance is going to win above 60% seats in coming election which means 140 plus seats. However, everyone is giving importance to one fact that there will be very less difference in vote share of both parties which means that losing margin of candidates will be very small. Tamil Nadu politics is full of small parties and free gifts to public.

Both AIABMK alliance and DMK alliance are equally popular and strong and election will win be determined by small difference of votes. It is wrong to predict any thing related to Tamil Nadu till end because no clear picture is coming out so far. Opinion polls can vary greatly and online polls are mostly wrong. Though, we can say that there is slight edge for AIADMK alliance and it can win this election if all factors and new alliances work in its favour. Also visit- Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011 Who will win Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011? Assembly Election 2011 Tamil Nadu Dates

Available Opinion poll predictions are
AIADMK Alliance         140 plus seats
DMK  Alliance           60 plus seats
Others                  20 plus seats 


  1. dmk ku othungada sungu uhuoooooo

  2. May 13 am Theythi DMK gaaalllliiii

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