India vs Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup 2011 Final

Finally, India and Sri Lanka cricket teams have shown their might to world by reaching Final of cricket world cup 2011. Now eyes of billions of people will be on this match to see who will finally lift cricket world cup. Both India and Sri Lanka has shown consistent performance in cricket world cup and defeated many strong teams of cricket world cup; therefore, on 2nd April we can hope for very exciting and interesting game when India and Sri Lanka cricket teams will face each other in cricket world cup final match.

Final match of cricket world cup will be played at Mumbai which will provide some psychological edge to Indian cricket team for playing on home pitch. Both India and Sri Lanka has won cricket world cup once and both teams wants to win this cup eagerly. India witnessed huge celebration after win of India over Pakistan in Second semi final of cricket world cup. Now Indian fans are hoping for win of Indian cricket team in final match of cricket world cup.

Cricket is religion in India and every Indian enjoys this game. On 2nd, we can hope to see a great game. With win of either India or Sri Lanka, Cricket world cup 2011 will come to an end leaving behind memories of great world cup. India vs Sri Lanka (ind vs sl) Final Cricket World Cup Live Watch Live Score India Vs Sri Lanka (ind vs sl) cricket world cup final match
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