Huge Rush for India Vs Pakistan Semi Final Tickets

In last few days, Mohali witnessed great rush for India vs Pakistan cricket world cup semi final match tickets. This match will be played at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Mohali. Therefore, large numbers of cricket fans of India and Pakistan reached Mohali to get tickets of this game. Cricket fans reached Mohali from different parts of India, Pakistan and world. However, large numbers of cricket fans failed to get cricket match tickets because of huge demand of tickets and black marketing of tickets.

As per available news in media, Rs 100 ticket was sold at cost of Rs 15000 and Rs 500 ticket was sold at Rs 50000 in black market. Punjab Cricket Association claims that it sold all match tickets genuinely through ticket windows. The main problem is coming because demand for India vs Pakistan Semi Final match tickets is much higher as compared to available tickets; therefore, it is not possible for everyone to get tickets for this game.

However, no one wants to miss India vs Pakistan Semi Final match at any cost; therefore, we are seeing this rush. Some bad elements are exploiting this situation by selling match tickets in black. This whole incidence also highlights mismanagement of BCCI in selling tickets. Though, now nothing can be done and we can only enjoy India vs Pakistan Semi Final game on 30th March on our TV screens. Also visit- Watch Live Score India Vs Sri Lanka (ind vs sl) cricket world cup final match
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