Money can make everyone sing

Today, money has become a great power in our world and it is controlling life of large numbers of people in this world. Consciously or unconsciously every person is running behind money and wants to live a life or start a career which can attract more money to his life. The main reason behind this approach of people is power of money to give many things to us in life. Today, we can easily buy large numbers of things in this world with the help of money and it is almost impossible for any person to live a good life without money.

Therefore, we all want more and more money in our life so that we can enjoy all comforts of life. Status of person in society is determined by money he earns or he possesses in his bank accounts. It is not bad to earn money and no person can think or plan a good life without money; however, it is also important to not allow money to decide what we will be in life or how or where we will live? People do many jobs which they do not want to do and they migrate to many different nations for earning this money only.

This race for earning lots of money is continuously forcing human beings to do various things including crimes at sometimes. In present world, the thing which most worries me is lots of power gained by money to control life of majority of people. Due to this reason, people are just becoming human robots working hard to earn more with very less or no internal voice. This kind of set up is not good for the growth of human society and we can never achieve dream of good human society through this approach.
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