Inhuman face of US Government-Radio ankle collars on Indian Students

America claims itself guard of human rights across the world; however, it is biggest human rights violator across the world. Recently, thousands of Indian students on valid visa were radio tagged in ankle to track them. This incident started when university where these students were studying was closed by US authorities on the ground of irregularities and fraud. With the closure of this university fate of these students became uncertain. Most of these students were in great shock and fear because their dream of good education got shattered with this incidence.

However, US government and police took very inhuman stand by forcefully radio tagging Indian students studying in this university. These kinds of radio tags/collars are generally put on criminals and animals; however, American authorities put them on Indian students because they fear that Indian students will hide in US to avoid deportation. Indian government has put tough stand on this issue and asked US government to remove such radio tags. However, US government has justified its stands as normal procedure.

This incidence clearly highlights inhuman nature of US and violation of human rights in US. Indian students have become victim of a fraud originating from US soil for which poor US administration is responsible. I hope that US authorities will soon understand that they have done wrong by radio tagging Indian students and they will free Indian students soon.
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