How safe is our data online?

One of major concern of most of internet users is safety of their personal data; however, constantly, we see theft of personal data of people from many secure or social networking websites. Recently, someone with bad intensions hacked dominos websites and stole personal records of people who used to order dominos Pizza online. He becomes successful in stealing customer’s phone numbers, email ids and home addresses. This stolen data can be used for sending spam emails, unwanted phone calls etc.

It is good on the part of dominos that it informed people about this incidence; however, there may be many websites and companies which never bother to information its customer if anything similar happens with them. Spammer and bad elements always look for authentic data of people so that they can send them spam emails. Sometimes, these people can use this data for creating more troubles for you or robbing you.

However, in present online world it is very hard to say that which site is secure and which is unsecure because no website is totally secure in present world. Only option available in our hands is to use these sites with caution and avoid joining non trusted and new websites. Awareness can provide great help to us in securing our data online and saving ourselves from internet frauds.
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