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Consequences and meaning of Egypt unrest

Presently, one of populous Arabic nation Egypt is undergoing through great protests and unrest and these protests are carried out by common people of Egypt. It is common to see millions of people on roads of all cities of Egypt protesting against President Hosni Mubarak. So far, hundreds of people have died in these protests and thousands are wounded due to police-ordinary people clashes. Condition of President Hosni Mubarak is so bad that he has placed tanks on road to stop ordinary people from protesting. President Mubarak has done all efforts available in his hands to pacify anger of people like he dissolved earlier government and appointed new prime minister. However, people of Egypt are adamant on his total removal from power. 82 year old, Hosni Mubarak is continuously governing country from more than 30 years. Many common Egyptian believe that Egypt has lost his pride and shine during his regime. Unemployment, underdevelopment, widespread corruption and nearness to US are other r

Inhuman face of US Government-Radio ankle collars on Indian Students

America claims itself guard of human rights across the world; however, it is biggest human rights violator across the world. Recently, thousands of Indian students on valid visa were radio tagged in ankle to track them. This incident started when university where these students were studying was closed by US authorities on the ground of irregularities and fraud. With the closure of this university fate of these students became uncertain. Most of these students were in great shock and fear because their dream of good education got shattered with this incidence. However, US government and police took very inhuman stand by forcefully radio tagging Indian students studying in this university. These kinds of radio tags/collars are generally put on criminals and animals; however, American authorities put them on Indian students because they fear that Indian students will hide in US to avoid deportation. Indian government has put tough stand on this issue and asked US government to remove suc

Better gaming Experience

Today, Gaming has taken new shape and we can play games in very different way. Present games are very exciting and adventure oriented. Thanks to new gaming tools like PS3, we are seeing great revolution in gaming. Today’s games are not just from kids; however, they are made for all of us. Many exciting and popular games are present in front of us and they test all our gaming skills. New gaming tools are making it possible to play multiplayer games with friends even situated in other country. Today’s game are played in high definition and 3D, thus give us real life like experience. With high definition TV sets, we can enjoy these games in big way to have great gaming experience.

Watch HD trailer Tanu Weds Manu

Watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film “Tanu Weds Manu” in High definition. It is romantic comedy film and it is directed by Aanand Rai. The main cast of film includes Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Shergill. This film will be released across world on on February 25, 2011. From trailers, this movie looks to be very promising and we can hope the success of this film.

One child gets missing in India in every 30 seconds

Today, I saw shocking news report on Zee News. According to this news, one child gets missing in India in every 30 seconds and so far, millions of children are missing from different parts of India with no trace of them. This report further told that 5 children get missing from New Delhi everyday and Delhi police fails to find trace of any of these Children. If we go by this number then more than 1800 children get missing in Indian Capital alone every year. Moreover, this report reveals that 30 thousands children are sold every year in India and lakhs of teenage girls are working as prostitutes. This report really shocked me and highlighted lacklustre approach of police and society on this crucial matter. It is big crime to force innocent children in illegal activities and sell them for money. Immediate work is required to be done to save life of other children and trace these missing children. It is very important for police to arrest all those criminals involved in this ugly crime. S

Cricket World Cup fever

Finally, Indian subcontinent is all set to get covered with cricket fever because Cricket world Cup 2011 is starting from next month i.e. 19th Feb and this world cup will end on 2nd April 2011, thus we will get chance to watch world class exciting cricket games for one and half month. Total 14 cricket nations will take part in this cricket world cup 2011, thus making it greatest cricketing event of this era. Billions of people from across the world will watch these games live on TV and similarly, millions of people will watch these games live on ground. In Indian subcontinent, people treat game of cricket as greatest game and they do everything in their hand to watch these games. Now, Cricket world cup will be played in this part so we can see great response from people for world cup. During this event, we can see fever like situation in Indian subcontinent with people sticking to their TV screens. In India, we can see life of people coming to halt with the start of cricket world cup

Struggle for good jobs

In world, we can find many job seekers struggling hard to get good jobs. Generally, numbers of job seekers remain many times higher than available jobs so we see great competition for jobs. It is very important for all job seekers to search jobs well so that they can find good job. People can easily get help of specific search engine for finding specific jobs like engineering job . Today, there are many job specific search engines and job portals from where job seeker can find good jobs. These kinds of tools have become very popular in present online world and we can easily get their help to find good jobs. Good job search always give good results and job seekers find their dream jobs.

Watch Trailer of forthcoming film “Bhindi Baazaar”

Below, watch trailer of forthcoming film “Bhindi Baazaar”. This film is produced by Karana Arora and directed by Ankush Bhatt. The main cast of film includes Kay Kay Menon, Prashant Narayan, Piyush Mishra, Pawan Malhotra,Shilpa Shukla, Deepti Naval and Shwetabh Varma. This film is expected to release across theatres on 25 February 2011. This film claims itself inside story of crime world and how criminal operates.

Review Air India

Air India is premium national airline of India and it operates national and international flights to hundreds of destinations daily. Air India is presently operating fleet of 135 plans with 31 wide body plans and 104 narrow body plans. Air India is first airline from India which came in to operation in July, 1932. Air India operates both Air Bus and Boeing Aircrafts and connects to all major destinations in world and India. So far, Air India has maintained itself well despite few financial crises. I mostly look for Air India flights because it provides more comfortable experience as compared to other private operators in India. In domestic sector, Air India offer one of good services in India and in International segment, they are above average. Air India do charge reasonable amount for tickets on variable routes and people do get big discounts by buying air tickets early. Air India has its dedicated website for selling air tickets and here people get immediate ticket booking confirmat

Unrest in Muslim Countries (Tunisia/Egypt)

First we saw example of wide spread protests in Tunisia where ordinary people forced President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and long time ruler of nation out of country. It all started with wikileaks news that Tunisian Persident and his family has made billions of dollars worth of money by wrong means and transferred it out of country. In a developing country like Tunisia where Ordinary people are struggling for basic facilities of life, it was a big shocking news so we saw wide spread protests across Tunisia which finally forced President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who governed Tunisia from 1987 to 2011 out of office and country. This success of ordinary people of Tunisia has motivated people of other Muslim Nations too which are governed by same kind of rulers from long times. Best example is Egypt protests which have taken very violent shape. People of Egypt are protesting and demanding President Hosni Mubarak to leave office and country because of news of accumulating huge wealth by his s

Fat free body

It remains a dream for large numbers of people above 30 years of age to have a perfectly fat free body because after this age many people start getting extra fat in their body. Some even add so much fat to their body that they start coming under the category of obese people. Though, obesity is becoming common in young age of people too and we can find wide spread of obesity in present world. Today, people have very less physical work to do; therefore, we see constant increase in fat in their body. It is very important to maintain healthy and extra fat free body because obesity can attract many illnesses. After gaining lot of fat in body, people look towards diet pills. However, it is good to see first which diet pills work. There are many products available in market; however, large numbers of them do not provide any relief despite all claims. It is important to research and get help of qualified medical professional before starting anything. Today, people can find many methods for re

Motivational video- Failure:The Secret to Success

Below, enjoy one of very motivating video from Honda. This video is for all people who fear failures. This video highlights of importance of failures in life and how these failures lead us to big success in life. Without good numbers of failures, it is very hard for any person to see true success. Success only comes in life when we fail numbers of times. These failures force us to improve ourselves and become stronger person. Way to success always goes through many failures, it is very wrong to fear from failures.

How safe is our data online?

One of major concern of most of internet users is safety of their personal data; however, constantly, we see theft of personal data of people from many secure or social networking websites. Recently, someone with bad intensions hacked dominos websites and stole personal records of people who used to order dominos Pizza online. He becomes successful in stealing customer’s phone numbers, email ids and home addresses. This stolen data can be used for sending spam emails, unwanted phone calls etc. It is good on the part of dominos that it informed people about this incidence; however, there may be many websites and companies which never bother to information its customer if anything similar happens with them. Spammer and bad elements always look for authentic data of people so that they can send them spam emails. Sometimes, these people can use this data for creating more troubles for you or robbing you. However, in present online world it is very hard to say that which site is secure and

Review Nokia X6

Nokia X6 is second smart phone which I am currently using after Nokia 5800 express music. My experience with Nokia 5800 was not very good which lifted my faith on Nokia smart phones. However, recently in gift I got Nokia X6 which I am currently using. More or less, X6 is more advance version of 5800 express music; however, many problems still remain same with Nokia X6 too. First I am discussing good features of Nokia X6. X6 has 5 Megapixel cameras with 4X zoom which capture quite good quality pictures in most of cases as compared to 3.2 megapixel camera in 5800. X6 has internal memory of 8 GB as compared to external memory of 8 GB in 5800. Screen resolution and quality looks to be better than 5800. X6 comes with option to open email attachments which was missing in 5800. X6 has robust body as compared to 5800 and many other similar handsets available in market. Despite so many additions over 5800, Nokia X6 lack many things like slow response rate of touch screen, poor battery life etc.

Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket world cup 2011 is starting from 19 Feb, 2011 at Mirpur, Bangladesh and it will end on 2 April, 2011 at Mumbai. This tournament will be jointly played in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. There are total of 14 cricket nation teams participating in this tournament. These teams are divided in to two groups of 7 teams in each group. These 14 teams will play total 42 group matches and four teams from each group will qualify for four quarterfinal matches. Final four teams will play in semi-final and last two teams will play final match of tournament. Read Cricket World Cup 2011 Timetable/Schedule in Hindi- समय सारिणी / अनुसूची क्रिकेट विश्व कप 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live cricket World Cup 2011 (Multiple Live Streams Detail of Group A teams- Australia (AUS) Canada (CAN) Kenya (KNY) New Zealand (NWZ) Pakistan (PAK) Sri Lanka (SL) Zimbabwe (ZMB) Detail of Group B teams- Bangladesh (BAN) England (ENG) India (IND) Ireland (IRL) Ne

Indian Team for Cricket world cup 2011

BCCI has declared Indian team for Cricket World Cup 2011 which is staring from next month. This cup is staring from 19 Feb, 2011 at Mirpur, Bangladesh and will end on 2nd April, 2011 at Mumbai. All Indian wants that their team should win this tournament as this tournament is happening in Indian subcontinent and many matches will be played in India itself. Indian squad include strong players of world like Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag and MS Dhoni. Hopefully, this team will win world cup 2011 and make whole proud. Below, people can find detail of Indian cricket team. • Ashish Nehra • Gautam Gambhir • Harbhajan Singh • MS Dhoni (c)(wk) • Munaf Patel • Piyush Chawla • Praveen Kumar • R Ashwin • Sachin Tendulkar • Suresh Raina • Virat Kohli • Virender Sehwag(vc) • Yusuf Pathan • Yuvraj Singh • Zaheer Khan Also visit- Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Who will win Cricket World Cup 2011?

Need of best furniture for home

For making our homes beautiful and best comfortable place, we need help of best furniture available in the market. In market, we can find many varieties of furniture which represent different forms of furniture made from different materials. Present generation is going for modern furniture like modern sofas , modern beds etc. After constructing a well planned home, we need further help of best chosen furniture for giving our home a final look. It is important for any furniture to look beautiful while providing full comfort to us. Furniture buying needs good research for selecting best furniture for our homes. People can get help of online websites to check latest available designs in furniture and they can even order many furniture items online from many furniture stores available online.

Professional approach by Aishwarya Rai

As per the ANI report available below, Aishwarya Rai attended shooting in Singapore despite lapse in fever. Mostly, other stars avoid shooting while ill or not feeling well. However, Aishwarya Rai looks to be very different from these stars who take full professional approach. We can attribute this approach of Aiswarya Rai for her successful career as film star. Watch this full report below.

What is Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus? Symptoms/Precautions

One and half year back, we saw attack of swine flu virus in India and now, it is turn of Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus because three deaths are being confirmed from Gujarat State of India due to this virus. It is very uncommon virus and there is no earlier report of its spread in India so far. In 1944 and 1945, first incidence of 200 deaths from this virus was reported in Crimea. So far incidences of spread of this virus are reported from countries like Kosovo, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, and South Africa. In 1969, scientists established that virus spread in Congo in 1956 was a same virus spread in Crimean; so, new name Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever emerged. This infection in humans is usually caused by bit of Hyalomma tick found in domestic and wild animals. The main virus causing CCHF is a Nairovirus, a group of viruses from Bunyaviridae family of viruses. After getting infected with virus first flu like symptoms appear in patients in 1 to 3 days. In majority of patient

Time for upgrading to Smartphone

Today, in market we can find huge range of stylish smartphones in market with lots of features and functions attached to them. Before sometime, it was nearly impossible to imagine such smart phones. These smart phones with the help of advance and fast mobile networks can do wonders for us. A smart phone is known as smart phone because it can do many smart things and functions which were not possible for ordinary phones. Today’s smart phones can give direct competition to computers for doing many things. Smart phones like htc desire android can make our life very simple and we can access lots of important data while on move. With 1GHz processor and expandable memory up to 32 GB, we can do almost anything with it. 3G mobile technology has made these smart phones very useful and powerful. As 3G network is now available in most of parts of India, thus time has come for upgrading to next smart phone in market.

Money can make everyone sing

Today, money has become a great power in our world and it is controlling life of large numbers of people in this world. Consciously or unconsciously every person is running behind money and wants to live a life or start a career which can attract more money to his life. The main reason behind this approach of people is power of money to give many things to us in life. Today, we can easily buy large numbers of things in this world with the help of money and it is almost impossible for any person to live a good life without money. Therefore, we all want more and more money in our life so that we can enjoy all comforts of life. Status of person in society is determined by money he earns or he possesses in his bank accounts. It is not bad to earn money and no person can think or plan a good life without money; however, it is also important to not allow money to decide what we will be in life or how or where we will live? People do many jobs which they do not want to do and they migrate to

Presentation what I learned about life

This second beautiful presentation which tells experiences learned from life. As we grow old in this world, we learn many things from life which we want to share with others so that they should not repeat same kinds of mistakes. Today, I found this beautiful presentation on youtube which shows learning from life in beautiful way.

Beautiful Presentation with Lessons of Life

Life is a beautiful journey and we can easily make it more beautiful by learning important lessons of life. Below, people can enjoy a beautiful presentation of such 45 lessons of life. Any person can easily make his or her life much better by adding these 45 lessons in to his life. Possibility for improvements always remains open in life and we can always make ourselves good human beings by learning new things in life.

Video of Ladies Sangeet DJ (My Wedding)

Below, I am sharing video of ladies sangeet of marriage which held on 22 Nov, 2010. This video is created by my sister and show short clippings of dances of most of relatives. It is a great experience of see all our relatives dancing on the floor and dance with them. This video is part of our memories and I hope that everyone will like it. Thanks to mediums like youtube and facebook, it is much easier for us to share videos with everyone.

New Year and New Year Resolutions

At the starting of each year, we see large number of people make many New Year resolutions. Mostly, they make resolutions about achieving something in present year, leaving a bad habit or anything they want to change in themselves. However, as year progresses forward these resolutions only find a place in dustbin and by the end of year, we again become ready to make new resolutions by slightly toning our past resolutions with new looks. Sometimes, this circle keeps on repeating itself years after years and people hardly achieve anything out of their resolutions. If any person really wants to get advantage of his resolutions then it is very important for him to adhere to these resolutions and make necessary changes in life to achieve what he wants to achieve. Resolutions can only work if we strongly push ourselves towards completing our resolutions; otherwise, we just keep on making new resolutions year after year. It is very important to complete our resolutions by year end and not rep

Hrithik Roshan to start new inning as singer

It looks that Hrithik Roshan is very upset with his acting because of failure of his two big budget films this year and he wants start a new carrier as singer. As per the ANI news report present below, Hrithik Roshan is going to sing along with acting in his forthcoming film. Moreover, this report says that Hrithik is working very hard to sing well and present himself as good singer. Though, it is very hard to predict that Hrithik will emerge as good singer or not; however, we can hope that people will life his new avatar as singer cum actor.

Stress free life

TToday, it is very common to find stress in every part of life because we are living a life which is testing all limits of human patience. Earlier, human beings were much free as compared to today’s humans because of easy life they were living in past. With the advancement in technology and increase in expectations of people from life, we are seeing great rush in people to achieve everything in life in short time. Due to this reason, we are seeing great increase in stress levels among people. Therefore, it is much difficult to imagine a stress free life in present world. However, we all can still imagine a life without stress if we can plan our life in right way and do not unnecessary run behind worldly objects. No person in this world has achieved great happiness and success in life by running behind worldly objects only. Stress free life is only possible when we manage our life well on all parameters and do not allow greed to take over our necessities. Mostly, people are running behi

Watch Promo song Laung da lashkara from Patiala House

Below, people can watch promo song “Laung da lashkara” from Askhay Kumar’s forthcoming movie “Patiala House“. This film is directed by Nikhil Advani and main cast of film includes Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma. This film is expected to release across world on 11 February 2011. Story of film revolves around a fast bowler’s life played by Akshey Kumar. This is high quality promo video of this song.