Indian marriages are unique

I feel very fortunate to be born in India because due to this reason, I am getting a good chance to enjoy beautiful customs and rituals of our great country. Recently, I got married and I got chance to go through many rituals and customs associated with Indian Himachali boy marriage. Indian marriages provide a great opportunity in front of us to preserve our cultural heritage and pass on this heritage to new generations. Indian people still live as close society where they depend on each other.

We people enjoy and take part whole heartedly in each other’s celebrations. Therefore, we see all relatives and friends coming to our home and attending marriage. On marriage day, our home got filled with all of our well wishers, relatives and friends; and it provides a great happiness to see all this. Many people argue that Indian spend lots of money on marriages and Indian marriages are very fat in size; however, when we see outcome and love coming out of these investments then this whole spending just look very less.

Marriages are celebrated in great and big way across the world because everyone respects and enjoy union of two souls. Though, some people give importance to big spending while ignoring love and happiness of all people concerned. It is important to celebrate Indian weddings in traditional way where we enjoy such marriages with all near and dear ones. I love Indian marriages and I want that these marriages should continue in their unique style and tradition. Mixing modern or western tradition will not provide any help because it will kill uniqueness of Indian weddings.
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