I love Tamil Nadu

I have been to Tamil Nadu many times and I have spent three vacations in Tamil Nadu so far; and every time, I have a great experience here which compels me to visit it again and again. The main attractions of Tamil Nadu include helping people, delicious food, many locations to visit, good transportation facilities etc. Therefore, people can easily choose Tamil Nadu for spending good vacations of their lifetime. Tamil Nadu is situated at the southern end of India and southern tip of India is situated in kanyakumari which is also in Tamil Nadu.

People can find many attractive places in Tamil Nadu from sea beaches to hills. People can visit Tamil Nadu at any time in year expect few months of heavy rain and extreme hotness. Local language in Tamil Nadu is Tamil and mostly, people speak Tamil only with large numbers of people understand and speak English. Due to the flow of Tourists from other parts of India and world, many cab drivers and hotels workers do speak Hindi/English which provides a great help to people who can’t speak English or Tamil.

Every person in India or world must visit Tamil Nadu because Tamil Nadu is one of the greatest attractions of India and there are many attractive and beautiful places to visit in Tamil Nadu like Ooty, Coonoor, Kanyakumari, Rameswaram, Madurai etc. In future, I will share some of many great experiences associated with my enjoyable vacations in Tamil Nadu through articles and photographs.
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