Human and their need of Gods and Religions

More I see human and their belief system, more I learn about human need for God and religion. This need of human has given shape to many gods and religions. Various religions have evolved much after the existence of human which clearly highlights that god is creation of human. Many religions like Islam, Skihism etc point towards invisible force which is not depended on any shape or size. I also believe in universal force who governs all of us; however, I do not want to restrict myself to any religion or boundaries set for reaching ultimate god.

This ultimate power has always heard my inner voice and replied to my prayers. On the other hand, my religions and their followers only believe in following many rituals and practices to reach final god. Religions are also not bad; however, blinded following of these religions and creating empires on the name of these religions in very wrong practice. All religions of world and their main temples or sacred places are earning billions of dollars thanks to blind faith of people. Many religions do claim that they are giving back this money to general public by constructing school, collages, hospitals etc. However, still lots of money remain in the hands of few people only.

Religions are so much deep rooted in our life that we never think about questioning bad customs present in religions which are required to be changed immediately. Slowly, people are becoming aware of wrong practices present in religious systems and they are asking for changes in many religious practises. Religions are good for human growth and development; however, wrong practices and customs in religion can create many problems for people involved in these religions.
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