I Control my life

Mostly, we find people struggling with their lives and it looks that their life is controlled by other people or circumstances. For example, I have one friend who always remains miserable under all circumstances and I have never found him in happy state. He blames circumstances and other people for his misery; however, close inspection of his life clearly tells that he is main culprit of his own situation.

He again and again takes many wrong decisions in his life and when he get bad results then he blame others. These kinds of people generally do not have any control on their life because they are not fit or capable to take control of their lives. They just enjoy being pushed by others or circumstances.

For being happy in life or to enjoy our life to its fullest, it is very important for any person to have complete control on his life. Without this complete control on our life, we can never develop sense of great happiness in life. In control of life does not mean or require us to achieve great success in life; it is simply a state of mind where we accept everything and learn to live happily under all kinds of circumstances. By just changing state of our mind, we can achieve great peace of mind and success in life because peaceful and concentrated mind makes us more productive and successful in life.

All successful people of this world had great control on their lives; therefore, they became very successful people. Without this self control, no one in this world can think about achieving great success in life.
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