Corruption making inroads to Indian Armed forces

Last year, I wrote this article “Increasing rate of corruption in India Army” which highlighted two cases with proofs about widespread corruption in Indian army. It was shocking to write or read such news because Indian army is always believed as corruption free organisation; however, new revelations and after revelations are pointing towards deep rooted corruption in Indian army at top level which needs immediate actions.

Recent revelations in Ardarh society case are very shocking where many top army and other armed forces officers are beneficiaries of flats in this society constructed on government land and they used wrong methods to get these benefits. Many of these top officers from Indian armed forced forces presented wrong documents to get flat in this society. Every day, we are getting more names and information in this whole matter.

It is very important for Indian government to conduct inquiry in this matter and punish culprits irrespective of positions held by them. Armed forces guard our borders and they are responsible for the security of nation and increasing corruption in armed forces can put great risk to security of India. Mostly, armed forces in India have their own laws and rules to handle many such matter; however, many times culprits take advantage of such weak laws to save themselves.

Government of India has so far assured that it will do complete inquiry in this matter and make public all culprits; however, we all know that in India, corruption cases hardly find justice. Hopefully, Armed forces will work in direction to decrease corruption at top level and make our armed forces corruption free organisations.
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