Does God Manifestation of Human mind?

Existence of god is present in every religion and every part of world; though, everybody call their gods with different names. God is believed to be present in this world before the existence of mankind and it is believed widely that god created first human beings. Every religion put forward same kind of philosophy and we become accustomed to hear these thoughts again and again. Mostly, people starts believing what they are told and no one dares to challenge this widely accepted principle and also no one wants to make angry supreme powerful god.

Sometimes, these beliefs take so strong shape that we start believing on them blindly. In the present world where we are seeing new miracles done by science everyday; therefore, it is important for us to change our thinking to some extent as old religious beliefs need some rethinking. God is biggest friend of any person as it helps him when everybody leaves him alone. Lots of people get answers of their prayers from god on daily basis; however, it is important to not restrict god under certain limits.

God can only be great infinite force which works in the well being of every one. I strongly believe that there is some strong force present in our world; however, human beings for their own benefits have given this force many names.
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