Does criticism work?

Many times in life, we do criticism and many time we face it; thus criticism always remain a part of our life. However, someone may ask this question that does criticism work or not. If it does not work then why people criticise others and if it work then what should be the level of criticism. As per my experience, I can say that criticism is good if it is used as last option after wisely using first all options available in our hand; however, it can be very bad if we start criticising a person before considering reasons and circumstances present behind his particular behaviour.

It is also very bad to criticise a person because of jealousy and hatred. Many times, people start criticising other people because they feel jealous of other’s success and due to their frustration, they start criticising other people. These kinds of criticisms are very wrong and one should avoid such criticisms. Moreover, some harsh criticism can put very wrong effect on the personality of a person and sometimes, people may even restore to suicides when they find it hard to absorb these criticism. No person in this world is totally perfect and some people need more time to learn things as compared to others or they do not get same kind of opportunities as others get.

Therefore, it is very important for any person to understand all these factors before criticising a person. Also, every human being has a right to live his life as he wants to live and do what he thinks as good for himself or herself; therefore, others are also required to respect their personal space and ignoring things done wrongly by them. At some stages in life, criticism can be good solution in our hands; however, it should be used as last resort and for the well being of other person.
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