Does Bihar is going out of hand of Lalu again?

So far, Lalu Yadav is very optimistic about wining 2010 Bihar Assembly election and he was recently seen very confidence in all rallies during his election campaigns. However, there is bad news for Lalu Yadav and his alliance from all leading exit polls and predictions which all have predicted major defeat for Lalu Yadav. Though, I still believe that fight will be tough in Bihar and Lalu Yadav will be still able to manage good numbers of seats. It looks that Nitesh’s development mantra is working in Bihar and people are likely to vote for him again.

During Lalu party’s rule, Bihar did not saw any major development and it caused major underdevelopment in Bihar and increase in poverty. Therefore, lots of people put blame of this bad state of Bihar on 15 year rule of Lalu party’s on Bihar. Today, Bihar has seem many development works and many people are finding good employment opportunities in Bihar; though, still lots of more is required to be done.

People of Bihar are happy that their state is moving forward on development road and soon, their state will be considered a developed state. Lalu Yadav and his alliance is much behind on this front and therefore, it is unlikely that he can hope for any come back in Bihar. Lalu is mainly banking on caste equations; however, today voters give more importance to development than caste equations alone.
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