Complexities of a relationship

Today, relationships offer many complexities in front of us because people’s expectations from these relationships have increased widely. Today, every person wants that he or she should get maximum benefits in a relationship and due to this belief; they sometimes forget to fulfil needs of other person. Many of these small issues where people only think about their happiness, we see relationships falling apart due to them.

For the success of any relationship, it is very important to consider happiness of other person too. If we just want to fulfil our own desires in a relationship then other person can start feeling offended with us. Whereas, when we consider about all people involved in any relationship then our relationship becomes very strong and fulfilling for all. Present world is very complex and simultaneously, we see these complexities in our relationships. These relationships may need extra efforts at some time so that they can continue smoothly; therefore, it is important for us to look well towards the needs of people in any relationship.

At few points, any person in a relationship may feel neglected or unhappy; therefore, it is important for other people involved in relationship to resolve problems faced by this person. All relationships can work well, if all people involved in this relationship do think about happiness of all people.
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