BSE Stock Market towards 23000

At present, Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) is floating above 20000 mark and National Stock exchange above 6000 mark which is great achievement by India stock market after touching bottom lows. These marks are indicators of future increase in Indian stock market and we can hope to see more new records made by BSE and NSE. At present, Indian GDP is expected to grow from 8 % to 11 % which is very good growth in any way; therefore, we should not be surprised on future bounces in stock market. In coming months, Indian stock market will give very attractive returns; therefore, FIIs will also invest their money in India which will further fuel increase in stock values.

Stock markets are generally good reflections of success stories of any country and stock markets of any country see new heights when country performs well. Many industries are growing very fast in India and demand is also good for most of industrial products. This year, we had a good monsoon which will insure good crops next year and this will increase rural spending. Petrol prices are also stable at average price and they are unlikely to steeply increase in coming future. All these points only indicate that India will see good growth in coming months which will further upward push to our stock markets.

Though, some correction at time to time can take place in stock markets; however, people are not required to panic as market will recover very soon. Investments with time frame of one to two years can provide returns in the tune of 20% to 50%. Therefore, people who are looking for good returns in short time then stock market at present position offer a good investment opportunity to them.
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