Are we running behind success?

Mostly, we see people running behind success throughout their life and at the end, they hardly achieve true success. Generally, we rate success in terms of achievements, money and worldly objects; however, we do not consider importance of human relationships, people and peace in life. It is hard for any person to define a true success because definition of success can vary with every individual. However, it is very important to give importance to all parameters when deciding our true success.

It is importance to understand that success of one person may not be success for other person. Every human being in this world is different and similarly, their expectations from life are different. Happy people in this world are those people who know exactly what makes them truly happy and they just not run behind monetary gains. It is wrong to run behind success and compare our success with others because success always comes to us when we work hard and remain concentrated on our goals.

Second our success may be totally different and incomparable of success of others. Life becomes great happiness when success runs behind us and it do runs behind us when we do our work wholeheartedly. Now, it only depends on us that we want to run behind success and we want that success should follow us.
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