Weaver Birds and their Beautiful Nests

Weaver Birds are called so because of their complex nest building capabilities. Their other name is Ploceidae. These birds make their nests very beautifully with numbers of chambers which resemble human homes. Some experts even believe that human learned to make their homes by observing these birds. These birds mostly found in Africa, Asia and Australia. These birds mainly live in colonies and mostly male bird construct these homes to attract their female counterparts. Female weaver birds select a male weaver bird who has constructed more beautiful nest as compared to other males. Therefore, beautiful nest making skills are must for these bird and we find good display for their nests. Below, people can watch pictures of these nests and a weaver bird. This specie of weaver bird is commonly found in India. I am seeing their nests from earlier childhood and they have always attracted my attention. We can easily watch their nest in raining season in our neighbourhood. These birds mainly eat seeds and we can easily feed them by spreading few common seeds around their nest.

Pictures Taken by Arvind Katoch
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