Happiness is internal phenomenon

Happiness is totally an internal phenomenon; however, we mostly believe that we can get happiness in achievements, money or people. We forget this thing that happiness emerges from our inner self and true happiness does not depend on external objects. Achievements, money and other people can make us happy for sometime but soon this happiness disappears in thin air. Happiness dependent on others or external achievements is not a true happiness and many times, this happiness give us more sorrow than happiness.

Therefore, it is very important for every person to understand that it is important to search happiness stored inside before going out to search it. Moreover, happiness is for giving and not for expecting it from others when we expect happiness from others then we show our selfish nature. With selfish approach in life, true happiness always eludes us and we struggle with life to find happiness. Generally, this false happiness leads to more sorrows in long run and we feel like cheated by life. True happiness is a great bless because with true happiness we learn how to celebrate and live a good life. True happiness is great source for understanding that what we want in our life? For example, if we are doing something and we are not happy in it then it is better to come out of it because long term unhappiness can create large numbers of problems for us.

Every person in this world is struggling for this happiness in many ways; however, we can only get this happiness by learning to see abundant happiness present inside us. Every person looks more beautiful and radiant when he is happy, while any person looks bad or energy less when he is unhappy. Everyone also likes to remain more with people who are happy by nature and also makes them happy. Nobody wants to be with people who always remain unhappy and makes them unhappy. With some changes in our thinking and lifestyle, we can easily become a happy person because happiness is already stored inside us and only we are required to see and feel this happiness.
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