Chocolate is bad for kids or not?

Mostly, people believe that chocolate is bad for their kids and they should avoid giving chocolates to them because it is widely believed and circulated that Chocolate eating makes kids fat and it rots teeth and makes them hyper. However, in most of cases all these problems happen due to multiple other reasons and one of important reason of tooth decay is not brushing teeth properly. It is wrong to put all blame on chocolates because controlled use of chocolates do not cause any harm but too much chocolate eating is bad for health.

Divine Fairtrade chocolate tasting notes

Chocolates are used as wonder and delicious food across world and we can find reference of chocolates in many old literatures. People of old civilisation like Mayans, Aztecs used to eat chocolates because of their useful properties. It is believed that a person can walk for whole day after eating a chocolate. Chocolates are widely accepted across the world for their medical and energetic properties. As per some studies chocolates do not raise blood cholesterol levels despite having high fat levels. Also there is no scientific conclusion or study to support that Chocolate eating cause Acne. There are many studies which suggest that Chocolate eating help eczema and Asthma patients recover fast.

A chocolate eating benefits our circulatory system and helps us to fight cancer, simulate brain, prevent cough and cold; thus, there are numbers of health benefits do associated with eating chocolates. Chocolate also helps in controlling blood sugar because it contains two chemicals theobromine and chromium. Theobromine helps to boost low sugar level while chromium helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Overall, we can say that Chocolate eating is good is for children; however, overeating of chocolate is bad like overeating of other things. Plus it is important for parents to encourage kids to brush their teeth properly after eating a chocolate.

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