Are you comfortable in your relationship?

We all make numbers of relationships in this world and these relationships change our life in big way. For example, relation of marriage put new demands on us and changes our life style totally. However, many times we all feel very uncomfortable in these relationships and find it hard to move in this way. At this time, we want a solution which can make us comfortable.

Many times, this uncomfortable situation in any relationship leads to breaking of that relationship. We all people want to remain comfortable and therefore, we do various things which make us comfortable; however, we feel very bad when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Many relationships want us to leave our comfortable life and do numbers of things which we do not like; therefore, we start becoming uncomfortable in these relationships.

Any relationship remains strong and survives well if it makes both persons in relationship comfortable but it becomes weak and breaks fast if it makes both persons in relationship uncomfortable. So, you should also decide that your relationship is making you comfortable or uncomfortable. In general, it is all about how comfortable we are in any relationship or how much comfortable our relationship is making us.
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