Why we feel stress?

Stress is very common emotion felt by large numbers of people during many phases of their life. Generally, no person likes stress and we all look for numbers of ways to remove our stress because long time stress condition causes feeling of unhappiness. Any person faces stress in life when he find himself in situation where things does not goes in his way; therefore, stress is very common in our world and large numbers of people face various kinds of stresses constantly.

It is not possible for any person remove his stress unless he removes main factor or problem which is causing stress in life for example, any person is not able to earn enough money for living a good life then this situation will cause lots of stress to him. Every condition or situations which go against us or our expectations generally cause us stress. Overall, stress is good for people because it tells them that something is not good in their life. Stress guides us to do some hard efforts to remove our problems and move towards a happy state of mind.

No person can remove stress from his life without removing main reasons causing stress to him. Some short terms solutions are available in market like alcohol, narcotic drugs etc however, they do offer any permanent solution. It is very important for any person to remove stress causing conditions from his life because long term stress can cause many mental and health problems to a person.
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