Who will win FIFA World Cup 2010?

FIFA world cup 2010 is starting from 11 June, 2010 in South Africa and on 12 July, 2010 we will learn about winner of FIFA world cup 2010 when final of FIFA world cup 2010 will be played. There are total 32 Football teams from different Football playing nations are participating in this tournament. FIFA world cup 2010 is very big event and billions of people from across the world will follow this tournament even if their team is not participating in this tournament. Fans of different teams will want that their team should win this year world cup; however, only one team will be lucky enough to do so.

All these 32 teams have worked hard to reach this tournament and they have beaten many other teams; therefore, all these teams are best teams of their regions. Now, it is very hard to exactly predict that which team will win this tournament but few teams show very good capabilities of winning this tournament. Football team of Brazil, which is in group G, looks to be very strong contender of winning this game. Other teams which are strong and can win this world cup are Italy, Netherlands, Argentina, France, Germany and Croatia.

Teams of Spain, Portugal, England and Russia are also strong. Most likely one of these teams will win this tournament but we can also hope for some surprises from little known teams. All this suspense will be over by 12 July, 2010 when two top teams of tournament will play against each other in Final of FIFA World cup 2010.

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