What women look most in men for marriage?

Recently, I ran a small survey among few of my known female friends to know about their preferences related to men whom they would like to marry. To my surprise, I got amazing replies from most of these women. All these women told me that most of women will look for money when they will choose their life partner. According to their opinion 70-80% women will go for money when they choose a life partner. Every woman has a dream of marrying a person who is rich enough to fulfil her wishes.

Second important factor is good nature of person which 10-15 % women prefer. Third and least important factor is looks of person and there are numbers of small factors but important factors like small family, person giving full respect to her family etc. So in nutshell, it is money which rules when women decide their partner; therefore, chances of successful men going away with beautiful women are very high as compared to less successful men.

To some extent women are right on their part as they are going to start their life with new person and if their husband cannot provide them necessary comforts then why should they marry him. However, I will only suggest that with money women should choose a person who should respect them because in long run of life money becomes very insignificant; though, money is also very important for living a good life. Overall, it is everyone’s personal decision and they have full right to take a decision which they feel is right for them.

Note- It is a general survey with small sample and may not accurately represent all women feelings.
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