Sexual Dissatisfaction cases after marriage

Today, it is very common to find large numbers of sexual dissatisfaction cases after marriages where men and women fail in satisfying each other sexually. Sex is one important part of marriage and mostly, people do marriage because they want to get sexual satisfaction from their partner. There are many reasons which lead to sexual dissatisfaction cases among married couples and few of main reasons include physical problems, mental problems, less interest and knowledge of sex.

Main reason of sexual dissatisfaction is non-satisfaction of one person due to physical problems associated with other partner. There could be many reasons behind this condition; however, many men find their man’s ability being challenged due to physical reasons or age. Many men suffer from problems like erectile dysfunction and many other related problems which stop them from giving full sexual pleasure to their wives; thus their wives feel sexually dissatisfied.

Moreover, many wives do not show proper interest in sex or do not respond well to sexual expectations of their husbands due to various sexual and metal problems; therefore, their husbands find themselves sexually dissatisfied with their wives. It is important for all couples to understand that large numbers of solutions are available in market to solve most of physical problems which stop people from giving best performance on bed. People can easily consult a good sexologist to find solution for their problems.

There are also many mental reasons associated with sexual dissatisfaction cases which can be removed by consulting a good sexologist or psychiatrist. People can easily increase sexual pleasure associated with their sexual life by learning various sexual methods and techniques. By solving their problems, couples can easily become sexually satisfied with each other thus giving more strength to their married life.
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