Is it becoming tough to live in India?

In recent few years, prices of most of common goods and eatable items have seen steep price increase; thus making it hard for common people of India to afford many of such items. Government of India blame uncertain weather, crop failure and increasing world crude oil prices for causing this increase in prices. However, all this has made life very hard for people and they are struggling to survive under present conditions.

Indian government and various state governments may give numbers of reasons but every person knows that these governments have totally failed on all fronts. Corruption and negligence by various government departments is also leading to wastage of stored food grains like wheat; whereas lakhs of people are having no food to eat. It is very much possible for these governments to put some control of these increasing prices and make life easier for people.

Increasing petroleum product prices are further making all essential items expensive because transportation charges on these items are increasing. It is important for government of India and various state governments to come up with solutions so that common people should not suffer. If conditions do not smoothened soon then it will become very hard for people to survive in India.

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