How to write a winning Resume?

Resume is one important tool available in the hands of people to get desired jobs. Every person applies for a job with the help of a resume and a resume is first information checked by recruiter about aspirant. If at this situation resume of person fails then he also fails in job seeking; therefore, it becomes very important for every job seeker to write a winning resume so that he or she can cross this stage easily. 95% of job seekers get failure at initial stage of resume screening and less than 5 % job seekers actually get calls for job interview. The main reason behind this failure is inability to write a good resume. Job seekers do various mistakes while writing a resume and miss many details or give too many details.

It is very important for any jobseeker to write a clear and to the point resume so that he can send right message to recruiters. Generally, recruiters have very less time in their hands whereas they get large numbers of resumes. In these cases, recruiters generally give less than one minute time to read and evaluate a resume. So, it is very important for your resume to speak out well in less than one minute time. Now if your resume is providing very less detail than it will fail to impress recruiter to call you for interview; however, if your resume provide too many details then it might confuse recruiter about you. So in nut shell, it is very important to send right message and information through your resume so that your resume can impress recruiter. People can follow certain things to make their resume look well.

1) Provide accurate and latest contact details in resume.
2) Highlight your education details and any special qualification well because your education is basic tool to get job.
3) Describe your work experience if any with complete details like total work experience, how long worked, in which company, job profile, achievements etc.
4) Highlight more your positive points while avoiding negative points.
5) Use positive language in resume and avoid any future assumptions.
6) Do not lie in your resume because most of lies got caught very easily.
7) Create resume best suitable for Job profile and highlight those skills more which are needed for particular job.
8) Do add your others positive skills and habits in resume.
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