How to avoid sexual assaults (Rapes)?

Sadly large numbers of women across the world still face many sexual assaults and rape attempts. Many of these women find it hard to resist these attacks and safely come out of them. As per one estimate, a single woman is raped in India every 53 minute and a single woman is attacked every 7 minutes. It is strange and surprising that large numbers of women still go through these kinds of violence where they are forced to have sex with strangers. In last few days, I studied many rape and sexual assault cases and found that woman can avoid certain things to decrease chances of sexual assault and rapes.

In large numbers of cases women (girls) themselves push them in to these conditions like recent case of rape of teenage girl in Delhi by police constable who found her alone on empty road at mid night. One of biggest mistake done by many these victims is that they trusted too much strangers or less known people and went with them to isolated places. It is better to not go with people to isolated places till we have strong trust on them.

Women can also avoid many chances of sexual assault by not travelling alone at late nights and not travelling alone on isolated places. Still most of rapes are done by known people; therefore, it is also important for women to not trust so much people even in their relationship. All studies only indicate that many rapes cases can be easily avoided if women take some precautions and do not trust people too much.
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