Taking care of old people

Across the world population of old people is increasing fast and thus demand for old age shelter homes is also increasing because young generation is taking very less interest in taking care of old people; therefore, old people are left with no option what to move to these shelters. Indian society mostly encourage young generation to take care of old people present in their family; however, slowly due to fast life style and financial problems many young people are finding it hard to take responsibility of olds in home.

Today numbers of such shelter homes are increasing and more numbers of old people are forced to join such shelter homes. Mostly these old people live a neglected life in these shelter homes and die as neglected ones. This trend is spreading fast in all parts of India and soon we can find a old age shelter home in every vicinity. It is also important for old people to retain sufficient cash or property with them so that they can live their life as they want and should not become dependent on others.

In many cases, old people spread all their money and property to their children and relative who in return do not take care of them. It is moral responsibility of every person to take care of old people present in home because these old people have once helped him in his young age. We all will become old one day and with some corporation and service to old people, we can make old age bless for all.
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