Mega beginning of IPL Season 3

Few days back, third season of IPL (Indian Premier League) started in India and like earlier seasons, this season has also got massive start. Many of IPL games are already booked in advance and there is no vacant seat available in these stadiums. This effect looks to be miracle of massive marketing strategies adopted by IPL plus popularity of IPL in India.

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi must a very happy man because he has again made IPL a big hit. Today, IPL has become a known name in India and it is very hard for any person to remain unaffected from this game. IPL has also worked in the favour of cricket and it has made cricket even more popular in India. IPL has provided new opportunities to young cricketers in India because they can show their talent in IPL.

IPL has already given many good players to Indian team; therefore, IPL is turning very good for India. IPL has also emerged as big cash making machine for BCCI because BCCI is making huge amount of money with the success of IPL. Advertisers are lining in front of BCCI office to show their aids during IPL matches. After three success seasons, we can turn IPL a big success in India and we can hope that IPL will taste new successes in future.

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