IPL (Indian Premier League) A money making machine

IPL (Indian Premier League) has emerged as major money making machine for BCCI, as it is making good amount through the game of IPL. Through IPL, BCCI is trying to exploit popularity of cricket in India. This year BCCI has made numbers of changes in the format of IPL to suit it more for advertisements.

More numbers of advertisements mean more amount of revenue for BCCI. Game of cricket is already associated with advertisement and BCCI plus cricketers make lots of many through these advertisements. Advertisers want to show their ads to people and game of cricket specially IPL provides a great opportunity to advertisers to show their ads to people. People get enjoyment by watching games of cricket while BCCI earn money by showing these ads with matches.

Overall, there is nothing wrong is making money; however, it is also important to not do anything over. Too much of advertising is also not good for the game of cricket and it can decrease standards of cricket. We can hope that BCCI will not greed for more money and we will enjoy good game of cricket like always we enjoy. 

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