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Smiling face and role of Dentist

Every person in this world wants to have a smiling face; however, many times due to various dental problems people lose their attractive smile. For a beautiful smile, it is very important to have beautiful teeth because beautiful teeth add value to our smile. Today, people can easily find many attractive dentistry solutions for solving their dental problems. A good dentist can easily help us in rediscovering our smile and getting it back. People can ask for free smile consultation by visiting numbers of dentist websites available online. Present advancements in technologies have made it possible for us to regain many lost things like a good smile. Field of dentistry has seen much advancement in recent times and it is very easy for people to fix any problem related to their tooth.

Live in relations in India

Live in relations are not new for Western world; however, Live in relationships are very new for India and they have created lots of controversies recently. Few days back, Supreme Court of India put approval stamp on live in relations thus making it totally legal in India to live in a live in relationship. Live in relationship is any relationship where boy and girl live together without formally marrying each other. Indian social system still does not recognise such relationships and such relationships are not welcomed in our society. Though, live in relationships can be found in big cities and in upper educated class of people who do not want to enter in any commitment of marriage; however, such relationships are slowly entering into every walk of life thus making many people uncomfortable. Mostly, it is believed in society that people living in live in relations put bad impressions of younger generation and thus increasing spread of these relationships in India. So, large part of Ind

Importance of communication in new relationships

Strong communication can play a very important role in making a new relationship strong. Whenever we enter into a new relationship then we need extra efforts to create a trust and comfort level in these relations. It is very difficult to have very high expectations from a new relationship without creating a strong bond in it. This strong bond can only be created in any relationship when both people involved in a relationship understand each other. Here strong communication can play a good role in understanding each other and each other’s expectations. Without proper communication, we can never achieve such understanding in any relationship. We only understand about other people when they tell us about themselves and their expectations. When we know about others and their expectations then we can easily work in direction to create more confidence and trust in any relationship. Mostly, very less numbers of people understands power of communication in making a strong and stable relationsh

Treatments for Acne problems

Acne problems can affect any person across the world and sometimes, these problems take very serious look. Mostly, people do treat these problems well because they take acne problem very lightly. It is important to consult a doctor and get treatment for acne problems. People can easily find many adult acne treatments and clinics in locality. With the help of professionals, people can easily treat their acne problems by going for right treatments. Acne problems also come under different categories and each problem need different kind of solution. Therefore, it is important to consult a good skin specialist if problem looks to be going out of hand. Good solutions are available and they work well if people go for them before it is too late for any treatment.

Bad health of Katrina Kaif

Recently, Katrina Kaif collapsed while shooting for her new film “Tees Maar Khan”. This film is produced by Farah Khan and it starts Akshay Kumar and Katrina in lead roles. This film is expected to release across India on 25 Dec, 2010 on Christmas Eve. Below, people can watch complete report on film to learn about this incidence. According to doctors, Katrina fainted due to lot of work and weakness. We can hope that Katrina will soon regain her health and such kind of situation will never happen with her again in future.

Review Ford Figo (First Ride)

Two days back, I got chance to test drive small car Figo which is latest introduction in Indian car market by Ford. Ford is only known for its big cars like IKON, FIESTA and SUV Endavour in India and, these cars have already become successful in Indian market and people love to buy these cars. Ford also expects same kind of response for its small car Ford Figo in Indian market. So far response is very good for this small car from Ford and people are lining across Ford Showrooms to feel this car and get test drive. Mostly people look satisfied with the performance of this car and Ford Figo offer a good option at this price range. Ford Figo Diesel price starts from just Rs 4.5 Lakh which comes in affordable range for a diesel car. Price of Petrol version of car starts from Rs 3.5 which is again a good price. After driving Ford Figo, I can say that Ford Figo is definitely going to create a market for itself in India because initial performance of vehicle looks very good. I drove Ford Figo

Tiffin Service in Ludhiana, Punjab

Get special Tiffin/Lunch (Rs 35/tiffin), also available Curry Chawal, Rajma Chawal at Rs 25. Supply is available within one KM only from New DMC chowk. Now also available Thandi kheer (Kesar Badam wali) in Kasora pack at rate of Rs 25/50/110. Food is prepared in Homely hygienic environment; therefore, people can trust these preparations. Address- Archi Rasoi New Vivek Nagar, Near DMC Chowk, Opp. Saraswati Modern School Ludhiana Order Timings - 10 AM to 1 PM Supply Timings- 1 PM to 4 PM Contact number for placing orders- 7696559123

Poor service by Reliance GSM customer care

From last two months, I am using Reliance GSM prepaid services for one of my mobile connection. Network availability was one issue which I was facing with this service because network of Reliance GSM fluctuate in my service area and sometimes suddenly disappear for some time. This was not only issue which I was facing with Reliance GSM service, the second issue is long wait for connecting to Reliance GSM customer care. It takes 5-20 minutes to connect to Reliance GSM customer care in Punjab and many times your call disconnects automatically without being attended by Customer care representative. Therefore, it becomes very irritating when it comes out to call to customer care of Reliance GSM. Reliance GSM service in Punjab immediately need to increase its customers care service in Punjab so that people should not have to wait for long time for getting their call being attended by a customer care representative. With this poor service, it is hard for Reliance GSM to make first position

Developing trust in a relationship

Survival of any relationship for long time is very difficult without presence of a trust in it. Many relationships die very soon after their start because people fail in trusting each others. It takes long time to develop a good level of trust in any relationship; however, it takes just minutes to convert this trust in to distrust. Life is a complex journey and mostly people lack ability to trust others. This nature of people makes it very hard for people to trust other persons entering through a new relationship. Many times in life, we see numbers of people breaking our trust so these past memories also stop us from trusting others. Too much of individual ego also put problems in developing trust in a relationship. Moreover, developing trust is a two ways effort and efforts from only single partner can never result in developing a strong trust. Good understanding among individuals is also quite important for developing a trust because when we can understand other partner then we can w

IPL (Indian Premier League) A money making machine

IPL (Indian Premier League) has emerged as major money making machine for BCCI, as it is making good amount through the game of IPL. Through IPL, BCCI is trying to exploit popularity of cricket in India. This year BCCI has made numbers of changes in the format of IPL to suit it more for advertisements. More numbers of advertisements mean more amount of revenue for BCCI. Game of cricket is already associated with advertisement and BCCI plus cricketers make lots of many through these advertisements. Advertisers want to show their ads to people and game of cricket specially IPL provides a great opportunity to advertisers to show their ads to people. People get enjoyment by watching games of cricket while BCCI earn money by showing these ads with matches. Overall, there is nothing wrong is making money; however, it is also important to not do anything over. Too much of advertising is also not good for the game of cricket and it can decrease standards of cricket. We can hope that BCCI will

Teams Detail DLF IPL 2010 Chennai Super Kings

Below, people can find detail of Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings. Chennai Super Kings fans hope that Indian captain’s magic will also work in this game. Chennai Super Kings is one of favourite teams for winning IPL season 3. Main attractions of team are captain MS Dhoni, M Muralidaran , MEK Hussey etc. BOWLERS R Ashwin L Balaji C Ganapathy MS Gony SB Jakati M Muralidaran M Ntini S Tyagi Joginder Sharma BATSMEN KB Arun Karthik S Badrinath GJ Bailey ML Hayden MEK Hussey SK Raina M Vijay HK Badani ALL ROUNDERS T Thushara JA Morkel JDP Oram NLTC Perera JM Kemp WICKET KEEPER MS Dhoni PA Patel

Teams Detail DLF IPL 2010 Kings XI Punjab

All people from Punjab and nearby states wants to see Kings XI Punjab team win IPL season 3 because team has not shown very good performance in last two seasons IPL. Below, people can find all details of team players of Kings XI Punjab teams. We can hope that this time Kings XI Punjab will show people of Punjab its strength. BOWLERS L Ablish B Lee PP Chawla RR Powar SJ Srivastava S Sreesanth VS Malik YA Abdulla Amanpreet Singh AK Argal BATSMEN AB Barath K Goel DPMD Jayawardene M Kaif RS Bopara SE Marsh TM Srivastava Yuvraj Singh S Sohal ALL ROUNDERS IK Pathan JR Hopes RS Sodhi Bipul Sharma WICKET KEEPER Kumar Sangakkara MS Bisla

First Theatrical promo Hindi film “House Full”

Below, people can watch first theatrical promo of forthcoming Hindi film “House Full”. Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Riteish Deshmukh, Jiah Khan, Arjun Rampal, Randhir Kapoor, Chunkey Pandey, Boman Irani, Malaika Arora, and Lara Dutta are playing lead role in this film. Story of film revolves around Akshay Kumar and his three wives. Overall, House Full is a comedy film and this film is directed by Sajid Khan. This film is expected to release across India on 30 April 2010.

Promotion of movie Hum Tum Aur Ghost

Below, people can watch ANI report on upcoming Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani’s movie Hum Tum Aur Ghost. Both these actors are playing lead role in this film. Dia Mirza is playing lead actress role in this film. Story of film revolves around young Arshad Warsi who can see ghost. Overall, this film is a romantic comedy and hopefully Arshad and Boman fans will like this film. This films is expected the release theatres across India on 26 March.

Mega beginning of IPL Season 3

Few days back, third season of IPL (Indian Premier League) started in India and like earlier seasons, this season has also got massive start. Many of IPL games are already booked in advance and there is no vacant seat available in these stadiums. This effect looks to be miracle of massive marketing strategies adopted by IPL plus popularity of IPL in India. IPL commissioner Lalit Modi must a very happy man because he has again made IPL a big hit. Today, IPL has become a known name in India and it is very hard for any person to remain unaffected from this game. IPL has also worked in the favour of cricket and it has made cricket even more popular in India. IPL has provided new opportunities to young cricketers in India because they can show their talent in IPL. IPL has already given many good players to Indian team; therefore, IPL is turning very good for India. IPL has also emerged as big cash making machine for BCCI because BCCI is making huge amount of money with the success of IPL.


ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE is one of promising team of IPL 2010 and this team was second in last IPL season 2. Therefore, Royal Challengers Bangalore fans have lots of hopes from their team. Below, People can find detail of DLF IPL 2010 ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE team. Anil Kumble is captain of this team and main attraction of team are Praveen Kumar, Rahul Dravid, V Kohli, RV Uthappa, Kallis etc. BOWLERS A Kumble KP Apanna D du Preez A Mithun Praveen Kumar DW Steyn R Vinay Kumar BATSMEN R Dravid V Kohli MK Pandey LRPL Taylor RV Uthappa Eoin Morgan ALL ROUNDERS B Akhil Bhuvneshwar Kumar JH Kallis KP Pietersen RE van der Merwe CL White Steven Smith S Sriram WICKET KEEPER MV Boucher SP Goswami

Teams Detail DLF IPL 2010 Kolkata Knight Riders

DLF IPL 2010 has just started and eight regional teams are taking part in this game. Kolkata Knight Riders is one of promising team of IPL 2010. Below, People can find detail of DLF IPL 2010 Kolkata Knight Riders team. Saurabh Ganguly is captain of this team and main attraction of team are BB McCullum, Ishan Sharma etc. Kolkata Knight Riders team look very strong in this IPL season. BOWLERS AB Agarkar VR Aaron AB Dinda M Kartik BAW Mendis CK Langeveldt I Sharma Iqbal Abdulla Eklakh Ahmed MB Parmar BATSMEN BJ Hodge CR Pathak CA Pujara OA Shah MK Tiwary Harshad Khadiwale ALL ROUNDERS SC Ganguly CH Gayle AD Mathews G Vignesh LR Shukla Rohan Gavaskar Harpreet Singh Mandeep Singh WICKET KEEPER BB McCullum WP Saha


BELOW, PEOPLE CAN FIND DETAIL OF DLF IPL TEAM RAJASTHAN ROYALS. THIS TEAM WAS WINNER OF IPL SEASAON 1. BOWLERS SK Warne Kamran Khan M Morkel MM Patel Amit Singh SW Tait SK Trivedi A Uniyal AP Dole BATSMEN SA Asnodkar GC Smith DR Martyn MJ Lumb FY Fazal AA Jhunjhunwala AG Paunikar SA Quadri AS Raut P Dogra ALL ROUNDERS AD Mascarenhas YK Pathan S Narwal SB Wagh WICKET KEEPER NV Ojha


BELOW, PEOPLE CAN FIND DETAIL OF DLF IPL TEAM DECCAN CHARGERS. THIS TEAM WAS LAST TIME WINNER OF IPL SEASAON 2. BOWLERS PP Ojha Harmeet Singh RP Singh KAJ Roach R Sharma Jaskarandeep Singh Bhuttar BATSMEN AA Bilakhia HH Gibbs VVS Laxman DB Ravi Teja RG Sharma TL Suman AS Yadav Anirudh Singh ALL ROUNDERS RJ Harris DR Smith A Symonds WPUJC Vaas Y Venugopal Rao MR Marsh B Sumanth MD Mishra AA Reddy WICKET KEEPER AC Gilchrist

Get Live score all matches DLF IPL 2011

Below with the help of gadget available below, people can get live scores of all matches of DLF IPL 2011. Live scores will be available fast and continuously without doing anything. This is free service and work automatically. Live score automatically update with new matches so enjoy second by second by live scores of all matches of DLF IPL 2011. Also visit- Watch Live Score DLF IPL 4 T20 2011 IPL 4 T20 (2011) Time Table and Schedule

Teams Detail DLF IPL 2010 Mumbai Indians

DLF IPL 2010 has just started and eight regional teams are taking part in this game. Mumbai Indian is one of promising team of IPL 2010. People can find detail of DLF IPL 2010 Mumbai Indian team. Sachin Tendulkar is captain of this team and main attraction of team are Sanath Jayasuriya, Dwayne Bravo, Harbhajan Singh etc. Mumbai Indians in the captaincy of Sachin is one main contender for winning DLF IPL 2010. Also visit Get Live score all matches DLF IPL 2010 Watch Live DLF IPL 2010 on your computer screen Time Table/Schedule DLF IPL 2010

Watch Live DLF IPL 2010 on your computer screen

Like last time, DLF IPL 2010 is available live online on IPL T20 official youtube channel. All 60 matches will be available online on this channel. Live streaming will be only available during start of a match. To watch these online matches online, people need broadband connection. All matches are available for free. DLF IPL is starting from today 12 March 2010 and it will end on 25 April 2010. By visiting the two links available links people can watch live match plus highlights.People can even watch matches through different camera angles by opting for this option. Watch this channel directly in Official Window Option 1 Watch this channel directly in Official Window Option 2 For Time Table/Schedule DLF IPL 2010

Time Table/Schedule DLF IPL 2010

DLF IPL 2010 is starting from today and this time IPL is in India again. IPL has made local cricket very popular in India and we can again expect same excitement for IPL. Total 8 IPL teams will take part in this tournament like last IPL seasons. IPL 2010 will start from 12 March, 2010 and it will end on 25 March 2010. Below, people can find detailed time table and schedule of all IPL 2010 matches. Also visit Watch Live Score DLF IPL 4 T20 2011 IPL 4 T20 (2011) Time Table and Schedule IPL Teams – Deccan Chargers – DC Kolkata Knight Riders- KNR Mumbai Indians- MI Rajasthan Royals – RR Kings XI Punjab - KP Delhi Daredevils - DD Royal Challengers Bangalore- RCB Chennai Super Kings- CSK Date Time Teams Place 12 March 6:00 PM DC Vs KNR Navi Mumbai 13 March 2:00 PM MI Vs RR Mumbai 13 March 6:30 PM KP Vs DD Mohali 14 March 3:00 PM KNR Vs RCB Kolkata 14 March 7:30 PM CSK Vs DC Chennai 15 Ma

Taking care of old people

Across the world population of old people is increasing fast and thus demand for old age shelter homes is also increasing because young generation is taking very less interest in taking care of old people; therefore, old people are left with no option what to move to these shelters. Indian society mostly encourage young generation to take care of old people present in their family; however, slowly due to fast life style and financial problems many young people are finding it hard to take responsibility of olds in home. Today numbers of such shelter homes are increasing and more numbers of old people are forced to join such shelter homes. Mostly these old people live a neglected life in these shelter homes and die as neglected ones. This trend is spreading fast in all parts of India and soon we can find a old age shelter home in every vicinity. It is also important for old people to retain sufficient cash or property with them so that they can live their life as they want and should not

Making life Happy

Every person in this world wants to live a happy life and we all do numbers of things in life to live happily; however, many time we see that happiness remain very far away from us. There are large numbers of reasons behind this fact and one of main reason is lack of direction in life. People mostly drag from one place to other place in the search of happiness and in the end fail in finding true happiness. True happiness is present inside us and we can easily find this happiness by doing a single work with full dedication. When we try to do numbers of jobs simultaneously or try to make many people happy then mostly we loss track from main goal and didn’t find any happiness. Happiness is mostly present in very-2 small things and we can easily find it by doing our daily work seriously. People who remain concentrated on their goals single-mindedly get success in their field and find huge happiness in their work. On the other hand, people who only drag from one job to other job for fin

Money has power

People may say whatever however I have seen it many times in this world that money has great power and influence. If you have money in your pocket then you can easily influence others and create a good place for yourself in society. Therefore, it is important for every person to go for money and earn a good amount of money so that he can live a prosperous life. Though money alone do not offer all solutions to the complexities of life; however, it can help us in finding many answers. Money is single language which is understood by all people irrespective of their country and local language. With some hard work and good financial management, we all can increase our money power and become wealthy person. It is not very hard to earn good money in this world and we only need some hard work, right direction and little bit of luck. It is important for every person to earn sufficient money if he or she wants to get respect in society because without money we become dependent on others and depe

Launch video of Ford Figo and detail

India has already become super player in small car segment so that every big and small car manufacturer is launching their cars in India. Ford Figo is new entry in this segment which was unveiled by Ford yesterday. This small car by Ford will be placed in mid small car segment and it will compete with Maruti’s Swift/Ritz , Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai i20. This car is priced between Rs 3.5 to Rs 4.72 lakh. Figo will be available in both petrol and diesel variants. To watch this car and learn more about it people can watch video presentation by ANI available below.

Women Reservation in Parliament- A right Step

Yesterday, Rajya Sabha passed women reservation bill which will open way for 33% reservation for women in Parliament. This is revolutionary step by Indian upper house has given new hopes to millions of women across India and this step will help in women upleftment in India. Condition of women in many parts of India has still not improved and we need many such measures for increasing role of women in administration. Indian history is full of many women who have given great sacrifices for India and provided great help in its development. Today by increasing participation of women in law making mechanism, we can easily provide due rights to half pollution of India. Today’s India is mostly a man dominated society where man take all major decisions; however, today’s men are also realising this fact that women participation is important for growth of India and world. At present it is difficult to say that how much this law will help Indian women however, one thing is clear that more women le

Exploitation in Rituals after death

Last week, my grandmother died due to a massive stroke and due to her death, I got chance to perform numbers of rituals which are performed after the death of a person as per Hindu religion. All these rituals were focused on giving good place to a soul in heaven. I went to Hardwar with last remains of my grandmother and submerged them in Ganga water. It is believed as per Hindu religion that if last remains of a person are submerged in Ganga then he gets good place in Heaven. After reaching Haridwar, I found a wide spread network of greedy priests who only wants to get more and more money from you. These priests were only trying to exploit human emotions for getting more money. These priests were charging Rs 500 to Rs 5000 per person for doing a small ritual. Mostly, people give demanded money to these priests because they believe that these priests are asking right amount of money and this money will be used for the welfare of poor people. It is important for government to provide ID