My name is Khan- A good film (Movie Review)

With movie “My name is Khan”, Shahrukh Khan has again beautifully presented various problems faced by Muslims in USA after 9/11 attacks. Story of film revolves around Rizvan Khan played by Shahrukh Khan who suffers from Asperger's syndrome. Due to this syndrome, it becomes difficult for Shahrukh Khan to make social interactions and express himself fully. However with time, Rizwan not only overcomes his problem but also presents a good example of loving Muslim in front of world who wants to see every person on this earth happy.

Kajol has played main lead role opposite Shahrukh in this film and their chemistry has again worked well. Overall, we can rate this film as a good film which not only entertains us but also presents a good example of love and sacrifice in front of us. The message of this film is that we cannot achieve anything with hatred and love is only option available in front of us to make happy world around us. 9/11 attacks have not only killed thousands of innocent people in twin world trade towers but they have also made lives of millions of Muslims difficult across the world.

Movie “My name is Khan drags somewhat during first half; however, it becomes very interesting in second half. These kinds of movies are necessity of time and we can thank Shahrukh Khan for making such a wonderful film. Overall, there is nothing controversial in this film and it is wrong if some people are trying to create unnecessary controversy around this film. Music of film is also good and many of its songs have already become popular among masses.  

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