Telangana or No Telangana

Today, whole of Andhra Pradesh is divided over the formation of new state of Telangana. People from Telangana region are fighting hard for the formation of new state while people from rest of Andhra are fighting against its formation. Therefore, Andhra Pradesh is totally divided over this issue. Last year’s central government decision to accept proposal for making new Telangana state after indefinite hunger strike by TRS leader K Chandrasekhara Rao has increased this controversy.

After this decision, we are seeing many protests against and in the favour of this decision. First central government took hasty decision and now it is talking about making a conscious over this issue. This issue has also fuelled many dead demands for other smaller states from different parts of India. Formation of new Telangana state will determine future of many other small states in India. Creation of more and more numbers of small states does not offer any solution to large basic problems of people.

Many these demands emerge due to unparallel growth in some parts as compared to other parts; therefore, people living in these neglected parts starts demanding for new states because it is common belief in people that small states grow faster than big states. It is important for all states governments to work on equal growth in all part of state so that no part of state should feel neglected. Making small states do not offer any long term solution. It is now important to peacefully form new Telangana state because otherwise situation can go out of control.

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