Info, Pictures and Video Renault Twizy ZE Concept

Today one of main attraction of auto expo was Twizy ZE concept. Twizy is new revolutionary vehicle which is all set to change old ways of human mobility. It is very easy to find many people who do not like two wheelers because of safety concern plus they also can’t afford a four wheeler then Twizy ZE is for them. Twizy has four wheels, however, it is as small as two wheeler plus only two people can ride Twizy. Twizy is also eco friendly because it runs on electric means with CO2 emission. Twizy ZE can be ideal solution for congested Indian roads; however, Twizy is still in concept and it will take time before it enters into production phase.
Twizy Z.E. Concept
Twizy Z.E. Concept
Concept Electric Car - Twizy ZE
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