Movie Review Avatar (Hollywood)

This week Hollywood 3D movie “Avatar” hit Indian cinemas. This film is released in both Hindi and English. The total cost of production and distribution of this film is believed to be $500 million which makes it one of the very expensive films made in Hollywood. This film is also released in IMAX 3D format (in selected theatres) with general 2D and 3D formats.

The story of this film was written in 1994; however, it is produced now because advance technology has recently become available to make such films. This film is directed by James Cameron who directed super hit films like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens, Titanic etc. Avatar film marketing department has created much hype about this film and this film has also got good reviews from many movie critics. 

The main attraction of film is fine display of modern technology, flying hills, strange animals and birds. This film amaze people with its amazing creatures which are hard to believe; however, this film lacks to some extent in its storyline. Story looks to be combination of tribal movies, alien movies and matrix movies. Story is also very predictable which stops people from gluing to their screens. Film also bore people in some parts but last half of film is more interesting than other parts.

Special effects are really nail biting and they present a good dose to viewers eyes. Overall, Avatar is an average science film with good display of modern technology but it lacks an engaging story. People can watch this film for its special effects. I will give 2.5 out of 5 points to this film. 

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