Review Radio Taxi service Delhi and Chennai

Recently, I got chance to use Radio Taxi services available in Delhi and Chennai. Radio Taxi service makes it very easy for people to arrange a Taxi at particular place and at particular time by just calling Radio Taxi call center. Mostly Various Radio Taxi services charge Rs 15 per Kilometer plus extra waiting charges if any. Radio Taxi service has made life of many people easy; however, I recently observed that does they are charging fairly to its customers or they are taking advantage of ignorance of people.

After traveling through Radio cabs of Megacabs service in Delhi, I observed that they are charging two different rates for same distance and even taking longer route to reach a location. Driver of Megacabs charged Rs 250 to reach Airport while on return its other driver charged just Rs 125 for same distance. On other instance another Megacabs driver took long distance to reach New Delhi railway station. While on the other hand, I had fine experience in Chennai despite language barrier here I used radio taxi of Fastrack service.

People who use radio cabs, they look for fare service from these drivers. It is important for people to remember that Radio Cabs are not totally accurately charging its customers. People can avoid these problems by getting idea of route before start or using latest GPS enabled handsets to get shortest distance. It is also important for various Radio services to enhance quality standards so that people can get quality service.
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