Problem caused by Cheap Chinese Handsets without IMEI numbers

From tomorrow, all cheap Chinese mobile handsets with no IMEI number or with faulty IMEI number will stop working. Government of India has given option to all these handset owners to get new IMEI numbers for all these handsets if they want them to work after today. Therefore, today many of these designated shops for validating IMEI numbers saw huge rush as people started to get multiple SMSs from their mobile operators to get new IMEI number or saw discontinuation of service.

This whole issue caused lots of problems to many common people who bought these sets without having any knowledge of this problem. It was duty of government to first completely stop import of such handsets to India so that they should not be available in Indian market but government did not took any step or took late steps. Millions of such sets were available in almost every city of India just one month back and these shopkeepers were selling them by faking their IMEI numbers.

Innocent people without having any such awareness of such issue become its victim. It is important for government to solve these problems at initial stage so that innocent people can be saved from such frauds. However mostly, we see a very late response from government which only cause further problem to people. 

Validate IMEI numbers of Chinese Handsets and Get new valid IMEI numbers

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