Increasing incidences of shootouts in America

In recent times, we are seeing constant increase in cases of shootouts in America. Yesterday, a well educated US army psychiatrist opened fire on US soldiers and killed 12 of them while injuring dozens of others. Presently, it is not known that why this psychiatrist opened fire on other soldiers; however, one thing is clear that something is clearly wrong in US. Earlier, these kinds of incidences were common in US schools where small children were targeting other children and school teachers. This increase in such incidences only indicates towards increase in psychological programs and frustration among people.

America make numbers of claims of providing good life to its people but somehow large numbers of people are not satisfied with life available to them in America. It is important for US to first manage own country then look for helping other nations. By engaging in other nations, US has created many complex situations for its people and specially for US army soldiers who are fighting in these nations. It is important for US to decrease its army presence in other countries while giving more power and strength to United Nation.

However, America wants to fulfill numbers of hidden interests like control on oil fields; therefore, it will never allow United Nation to take control in these areas. If US does not learn lessons from past mistakes then these kinds of problems will only increase for US from own people and not from outside world.
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