Congress on Winning row

It looks that acceptance of Congress has increased lot among people because people of India are showing confidence in Congress again and again. Recent win of Congress in three assembly election in states of Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal also indicate towards this trend. Some analysts say that this affect is due to popular government of Congress at Centre.

In last few years, government at centre has started many new schemes for poor and backward classes which are showing good results; therefore, these people saying thanks to Congress by giving votes to them, while some people also believe that these wins of Congress are result of poor opposition faced by Congress from various opposition parties of India. In recent few years, opposition parties across India have lost their shine and due to this reason, confidence of people on these parties in decreasing which is clear from results.

Reasons may be many but one thing is clear that Congress is showing very good performance at this level and this performance is a clear warning signal for opposition parties to improve their image among people. It is also important for Congress to do more good work for people so that it can retain trust of people.
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