China as threat for India

In recent times, Chinese threat has increased many times for India and China is constantly putting pressure on India through different channels. In recent move, China showed Jammu and Kashmir as independent country and not part of India. China is also criticizing India for allowing Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh next month. China wants to present Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory between India and China; therefore, China has increased its efforts to do so.

Recently, China has also increased its army strength on China Arunachal border for increasing pressure on India. With strong army strength, China want to make all illegal claims legal whereas China do not want to accept Tibet as disputed territory which was annexed by it forcefully. All Chinese claims on Arunachal and Ladakh are based on old Tibetan documents which is itself a disputed territory.

Present Indian government is tackling this problem with lot of care and it is giving strong messages back to China that Arunachal and Ladakh are Indian territories. Recent success of assembly election in Arunachal Pradesh is a good reply to China by people of Arunachal who believe on India constitution. Hopefully, China will show more respect to India in this matter and stop pushing these unnecessary issues in future.

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