Analysis Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Result

Final results of Haryana Assembly election 2009 are available in front of us and it is clear that Haryana Assembly will be hung for next five years. Congress has emerged as single largest party by winning 40 seats out of total 90 seats. Any party need support of 46 MLAs to form next government in state; therefore, Congress will need support of 6 more MLAs from independent MLAs or other parties. Position of other parties in Haryana is INLD 32, BJP 4, HJC 7 Oths 7.

Therefore, Congress has two options available in front of it either ask independents or go to HJC. On the other hand major opposition parties like INLD, HJC, BJP can also look to form next government because their combined numbers will come out of be 43 and they will also need support of 3 more independent MLAs. Many options are available for next government and we are required to wait for few more days to see exact picture. Stability of next government of Haryana will also remain a big issue and we can even see formation and breakage of some governments.
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